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22 June 2015 @ 10:06 pm
how's everyone been doing these past couple years? i just finished a rewatch and still cried. i cry every time it's kind of sad.

anyway, i wanted to come here for two reasons: to see how everone is, and also: tattoos!

on 9/9/14 i got a september tattoo. the aster is the birth flower for the month of september, so i got that on my wrist. i also got 'keep looking up after it rains', which is what our olivia said to the other olivia before they closed the bridge between the two universes.

tattoos under the cutCollapse )

25 January 2013 @ 08:59 pm

Aaand now I'm crying again.

Current Mood: blahblah
19 January 2013 @ 04:53 pm
So, I may not have joined this community until fairly late, but it's been lovely. I hate that LJ seems to have died for many fandoms, and was glad to find activity. So for anyone else sticking around, in commemoration of a great show and a great fandom:

Other fandoms:
Favorite Season:
Favorite Episode(s):
Anything Else:

All right, guys. It's almost time :(

Tonight's hashtag is #KeepLookingUp, and don't forget to check into GetGlue.

edit: And #WeCrossedTheLine

man, remember guys how WE got them to add the hashtag instead of #Fringe??

Our hashtag is #KeepLookingUp and get your final :( getglue sticker here.

Up early so we can spend our last few hours together. <3
On Saturday 19 January, after five seasons and 100 episodes, much loved sci-fi drama FRINGE will reach its conclusion and Sky customers will be able to watch the series finale in line with the US broadcast.

The series finale of FRINGE will air on Saturday 19 January at 1.10am as a simulcast with the US East Coast broadcast. It will also air in the show’s regular slot on Wednesday 23 January at 10pm.

05 January 2013 @ 12:19 pm
The critically acclaimed Fringe television series explores the dramatic and grotesque as impossible crimes are investigated by the government's shadowy Fringe Division, established when Special Agent Olivia Dunham enlisted institutionalized "fringe" scientist Walter Bishop and his globe-trotting son, Peter, to help in investigations that defy all human logic - and the laws of nature.

Author Christa Faust (Choke Hold, Supernatural) is working hand-in-hand with the television writers to create new adventures uncovering the secrets of the series. The first novel revealed how Walter Bishop and William Bell discovered the drug Cortexiphan—and the alternate universe! Book two will explore how Olivia Dunham first was subjected to Cortexiphan experiments, with catastrophic results.

Faust has been given unprecedented access to stories that have not been told on-screen, but weave directly into the series canon, much as Joss Whedon's Buffy graphic novels continue that series' official storyline.

And an additional book's description from the author's LJ:

I’ve been hired to write three prequels, each centered around one of the three main characters. The first, called THE ZODIAC PARADOX, features Walter, the scientist, along with William Bell and Nina Sharp in 1974. The second THE BURNING MAN, features Olivia, the FBI agent, as a teenager in 1995. (This is the book I’m working on right now.) The third and still untitled book will feature Peter, the scientist’s son, during his shady, gray-market dealings in 2008, just before the start of the first season.

I for one love tie in novels, I still have a lot of Buffy ones I bought in high school, and there are a lot of gap stories I'd like to read as long as the author has a decent grasp on characterization.

B&N linkfor books 1 and 2

Author's LJ post